Creating One Centralized Hub for Online Shoppers
Co-Founder, Head Designer
Jan 2020 - Present
Figma, Principle, Illustrator, Blender, After Effects
Shub Gaur (PM), Tyler Fong (Dev), Matt Evenson (Dev)
After pitching Spree at the Google x Techstars Startup Weekend Event, I wanted to build a functional product with a team, so I decided to join LavaLab, a student incubator at USC.

In 10 weeks, we developed a browser extension that enables users to find the best prices and checkout from multiple stores in one-click. We plan to launch our product in Winter 2020.
The Challenge
Checkout Friction
While shopping online, I usually visit multiple online stores to compare prices and browse for products I want to purchase. During this process, I find myself spending hours viewing countless tabs, creating accounts, and managing carts. Fuming and still not having bought a single piece of clothing, I realized that this problem needs a solution.
How can we reduce checkout friction and help people compare prices more easily?
Solution Overview
Main Features
Spree is a browser extension that enables users to find the best deal and checkout from multiple stores in one-click, decluttering the shopping experience.
Easy Price Comparison

Users can instantly compare prices from multiple online stores in one place for the product they’ve selected.

Spree displays the best price for users, and it can replace the current item with a better deal—helping users save time and money.
All-in-One Cart

A consolidated cart where users can expand and collapse each section to view items by store. This allows users to easily customize and organize items in their shopping cart.
Fast, One-Click Checkout

Users can checkout from multiple stores in one-click with Spree.

This removes the hassle of constantly filling out personal information and creating multiple accounts.
Understanding the Problem
for Consumers & Retailers
Since the e-commerce space is a two-sided marketplace where consumers and sellers interact, both groups face problems that influence one another.
of shoppers have a poor checkout experience
face the need to compare prices
of shoppers abandon their carts
to convert a visitor to a sale
Consumer Problem
Business Problem
People face the need to compare prices, but they have a cluttered shopping experience, increasing checkout friction.
More checkout friction increases cart abandonment rates, causing retailers to face a huge loss of almost 4.6 trillion dollars.
Checkout friction and price comparison are painpoints for both consumers and retailers.
User Research
Identifying Painpoints
To have a deeper understanding of problems that consumers face while shopping online, I conducted user interviews with 10 people and identified key painpoints:
Too much repetition
Too much information
When shopping online, consumers constantly have to fill out their personal information and create multiple accounts, repeating the same process.
Comparing prices and products is difficult because multiple retailers sell similar products, causing consumers to feel fatigued from information overload.
Enable users to organize items by introducing a consolidated cart
Make price comparison easy and simple
Reduce checkout friction by removing repetitive steps
Embedding Goals into the Flow
To achieve the user goals I’ve set, I explored two user flows: finding the best price and checking out in one-click.
Interface Development
Designing for Accessibility
I was initially inspired by Honey’s designs, but I realized that a list view caused the product information to be cluttered. I went through a total of three iterations to find an optimal layout that will improve readability & accessibility.
Visual Branding
Experimenting with 3D Design
For Spree’s website and rebrand, I explored 3D Design by watching a ton of YouTube tutorials to learn Blender. I designed Spree’s bunny mascot from scratch, modeled various objects in 3D, and created animations.
Progress & Traction
Building toward launch
So far, we’ve made Spree compatible with 3 major online retailers: Amazon, Walmart, and Target. We also have over 1,000 sign ups for our beta launch! We’ve gathered interest from Antler & Plug and Play.
Moving Forward
“Do Things that Don’t Scale”
Iterate to Improve
This is my all time favorite phrase from Paul Graham, and it was the first time I got to apply it! Building from scratch, being scrappy, and getting involved in every process allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the problem & product.
When working with non-designers, I realized that adopting an agile mindset, constantly communicating, and iterating are really key to expediting the design process—and creating a better product overall!
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